DRB signage attracts EV drivers to new ultra-fast charging hubs

Client: BP Pulse

Location: Gatwick & Heathrow Airports

Services: DRB Branding & Signage


The project:

BP Pulse required new branding and signage for its electric vehicle (EV) charging hubs at two of the UK’s busiest airports – Gatwick and Heathrow – to increase visibility and attract EV drivers to the leading-edge facilities, ultra-fast charging for airport users and residents from the surrounding areas.

BP Pulse’s specifications included the design, manufacturing and installation of new signage at both sites; the perfect project for DRB’s highly skilled team.

DRB provided a fully comprehensive service package, including:

  • Site survey and risk assessment
  • Full design service – DRB’s in-house design team can effectively match any branding
  • Manufacturing using the latest sign-making technologies
  • Installation – carried out by DRB’s experienced and extensively trained engineers
  • Project management

All works were completed on time and within budget.


Opened in March 2022, Q-Park at Gatwick was the first location to be given a DRB makeover. A large off-site parking facility run by Purple Parking, Q-Park provides space for 3,000 vehicles and is home to the first and only ultra-fast electric vehicles (EV) charging location in the Gatwick area.

The Q-Park hub includes seven new charge points; three ultra-fast 150kW units (with the potential to upgrade to 300kW) that provide 100 miles of range within 10-15 minutes, and four 50kW chargers, delivering a complete solution for airport users, taxis, businesses, fleets and local residents.

The project comprised advertising hoardings on both sides of a perimeter fence, entry and directional signage,  all clearly displaying the recognised branding of BP Pulse, Purple Parking and Q-Park


DRB replicated the Gatwick model at BP Pulse’s ultra-fast charging hub at Heathrow airport with high-profile branding throughout. The initiative was completed in September 2022 and the facility is now fully operational, providing services to airport visitors and the Hounslow community.

Supporting the Return on Investment (ROI)

The development of new EV facilities at these high-footfall locations delivers fast and convenient charging for drivers. However, the success of any high-cost infrastructure investment rides on more than perceived consumer demand. Branding and signage are essential in the promotion of site services to attract customers and support the ROI.

DRB’s range of on-brand, durable new signage and way-marking are extremely eye-catching, attracting visitors on arrival and ensuring a first-class user experience

Whilst DRB has a long-standing relationship of over 30 years with BP, the association with BP Pulse is brand new. Launched in the UK in 2020, BP Pulse incorporates Chargemaster and the Polar Charging Network under one brand.  An essential part of BP’s 2050 Net Zero strategy, BP Pulse is the UK’s only fully integrated manufacturer and operator of charging infrastructure, working in conjunction with BP and the world’s leading car makers.

Gatwick was DRB’s first assignment for BP Pulse and the resulting feedback is very positive:

“DRB’s attention to detail was impressive” – James Birdsall, Project Delivery Manager for BP Pulse

James said: “We had used DRB’s services in other parts of our business and had heard good things, specifically around quality and flexibility, which fitted the bill for this project.

“Branding and signage are critical to the success of new facilities; it is what customers see first and what differentiates us from our competitors. DRB’s attention to detail was impressive and the team made numerous site visits. If something didn’t look quite right, then an alternative design or location was suggested.

“We were very pleased with DRB’s service and delivery. The team was in constant communication throughout the project to ensure a first-class finish throughout.”