MFG – Site Repair and Upgrade

Client: Motor Fuel Group (MFG)

Location: Childs Way, Milton Keyes

Services: Site repair and upgrade following a car crash


The project:

MFG is the UK’s largest independent forecourt operator, with over 900 sites offering a growing dual fuel strategy, valeting, convenience stores and ‘food-to-go’. The group is enabling Britain to transition to a lower carbon future by investing in an ultra-rapid electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

MFG’s forecourt at Childs Way in Milton Keynes suffered considerable damage to its Main Identification Display (MID) sign following a car collision. The sign, situated on the site’s perimeter, was crushed beyond economic repair during the incident. The resulting debris caused an obstruction to the outer lane and compromised key waymarking for MFG’s strategic partners, Greggs and Londis, which both operate from the site.

Initially, DRB was called upon to remove the wreckage from the crash site and action a makeshift repair to the sign, until its replacement could be arranged, ensuring minimal disruption to this busy forecourt.


The solution:

Once the site was safe and traffic was moving freely, the DRB team assessed the damage and formulated a plan of action to restore the area to pre-accident condition.

Within a couple of days, the accident-damaged MID was removed and a new sign was installed. The process involved the following activities:

  • Initial site survey and risk assessment
  • Ensuring site safety, cordoning off the affected area and instating relevant health and safety signage
  • Removal of damaged MID
  • Laying a new concrete foundation
  • Installation of a replacement MID sign

Following the successful completion of the repairs, MFG was so impressed with the quality of the service provided, they awarded DRB a new contract to conduct a complete refurbishment and upgrade of the site.

The work included the following services:

  • Site survey, featuring a detailed health check report and remedial action checklist
  • Upgrades to external branding – replacement of worn or damaged signs, canopy branding and totems (DRB provides both sign manufacture and installation)
  • Full site clean, including pumps, lighting and canopies
  • Fence painting to surrounding perimeters
  • Checking all mechanical operations including fuel dispensers and car wash facilities
  • Safety inspections and any subsequent repairs
New fresh entrance to MFG Childs Way