Be clean. Be seen. Increase sales

The majority of site owners understand the importance of regular cleaning on and around the forecourt and in the store. There are many simple tasks that can be completed by staff as part of a daily routine, such as; litter picking, making sure the display stands are dust-free and well stocked, attending to minor spills, emptying bins and maintaining the cleanliness of public spaces including washrooms. The execution of these mundane chores is essential for any retail environment to maintain standards and ensure the satisfaction and safety of customers. But let’s take a broader perspective and explore those challenging areas that may need a more professional touch.


Canopies and fascia panels

A forecourt canopy that is well-illuminated and displays eye-catching branding acts as a magnet to passing motorists who are looking to refuel or maybe even stock up on essentials from the convenience store. When kept in tip-top condition, the canopy will help to attract visitors from miles around, increase site traffic and boost profits. However, due to their inaccessible nature, canopies and fascia panels are often neglected and as a result, may incur an unsightly build-up of grime and particulate deposits from the effects of air pollution and exhaust fumes.

Furthermore, dirt and cobwebs will collect on the canopy lighting making the site dull and uninviting, particularly if coupled with defective lighting that is in need of replacement or repair. All of these factors can negatively impact forecourt traffic and subsequently reduce both fuel and shop sales.

Enlisting a team of professionals, experienced in the petrochemical industry, can help to restore the canopy, lighting and fascia panels to their former glory and present a professional image for the site.



A business with clean, current and well-maintained signage is perceived to be reliable, proficient and trustworthy, whilst unkempt signs in poor condition can shake confidence and adversely influence the consumer experience.

There are four principal styles of signage; branding, promotional, directional and safety, all of which are business-critical in their own right. Branding illustrates integrity and showcases the commitment of the business to offer quality products or services. Promotional signs capture the attention of both regular and transient customers to provide them with details of current marketing campaigns, helping the forecourt stand out from its competitors. Directional and safety signs are purely functional but nonetheless fulfil an essential role in day-to-day operations.

Signage provides a clear indication of what customers can expect from your business and should be kept in pristine condition to project an authentic brand identity. Signs are a significant investment for every forecourt and as such should be regularly cleaned and maintained to extend the lifespan and prevent long-term damage.

Taking a pragmatic approach to sign maintenance will safeguard the site’s reputation and reaffirm its presence within the local community.


Forecourt & dispensing equipment

Forecourts and dispensing equipment are notoriously difficult to keep clean and tidy. The busier the site, the more likely it is that the concrete surface will suffer oil and fuel spills, especially surrounding the refuelling islands. The area can also become littered with gum and other hard-to-remove waste which ultimately leads to customer complaints and dissatisfaction. Furthermore, a dirty forecourt can result in similarly dirty foot traffic entering the convenience store, making it a challenge to live up to customer expectations. A professional deep clean will breathe new life into the business and help to preserve its value.

Dispensers will benefit from a daily polish to remove fuel drips and fingers prints etc. However, a more intense cleaning regime is required to keep the equipment pristine. Additionally, careful attention should be paid to the dispensers’ branding decals which can soon become torn or shabby and ought to be replaced as required.


DRB’s Prevention and Protection Package

DRB’s project team has over 40 years of experience in all aspects of the petrochemical industry, specialising in cleaning, site décor,  branding, signage and electrical services.

DRB’s service is beneficial for all forecourts nationwide, from independent dealers with a single site through to major retail networks. A comprehensive clean can revitalise ageing sites and provide them with more kerb appeal, whilst newer or refurbished facilities will be able to maintain their unblemished appearance.

Services include:

  • Full professional site clean (including car wash & perimeter areas)
  • Site décor
  • Signage replacement / repair
  • Electrical lighting replacement / repair
  • Electrical testing
  • All trades covered in one visit to minimise disruption

How it works

Each establishment must first undergo an extensive site survey to identify the areas of concern that would benefit from DRB’s professional cleaning and maintenance service. Recommendations on the service level required will be made based upon DRB’s findings. Site owners are then able to add or remove elements from the plan before the final course of action and preferred timescale is agreed.

There is a multitude of support levels available with a DRB protection and prevention service contract since they are all tailor-made to suit core business requirements. The DRB team will guide customers through the options available to create the ideal package for their site or network.