Meet Paul Harrison

Position: Projects Director

Time at DRB UK: Eight years (previously Emtec)

Paul Harrison is Projects Director for DRB UK, specialising in all aspects of petrochemical forecourts. Over the past eight years Paul has moved from Management to Director, working across DRB’s service capability, initially starting off in its dedicated manufacturing facility.

Paul lives in Erskine, Scotland with his wife Lesley. He has three boys aged between 26 and 30 – all working in engineering fields.


What were you doing prior to working for DRB?

“I’ve always been entrepreneurial and able to spot an opportunity. At 18 I saw contractors putting up signage in a petrol station. I thought ‘I could do that’, gave them my card and within a short space of time I had set up my own business delivering signage installation and maintenance, initially in the petrochemical industry.

“From there I moved into the retail sector, providing large-scale fit-outs and rebrands for several blue-chip clients, such as M&S, Tesco and Waitrose. Overall, I’ve been in the retail and petrochemical industry for 37 years in total.

“Thanks to the variety of project’s I’ve worked on, I have acquired a wealth of experience, covering complex project management, branding, marketing and leadership. I’ve seen first-hand the effect that a well thought-out rebrand and refit can have on a business, from increased customer footfall to improved staff morale. The power of aesthetics, clear messaging and cleanliness should never be underestimated.”


How has DRB’s business changed over the years?

“In the forecourt sector, the biggest change is the ongoing shift from fossil fuels to electric vehicles. This is changing the way forecourts look and operate, which in turn changes the branding & services we provide at DRB. Soon, EV will become the primary focus.

“It’s great that we are now part of the TSG Solutions UK group, as it means we can contribute to a total package.”


What do you like most about your job?

“The transformation! It is so satisfying to see a site completely overhauled, with new signage, lighting, cleaning etc. However big or small the project, we pride ourselves on treating every job with the same level of care. This is important to me – I like to see things done to the highest quality.

“I have been lucky enough to be part of a number of innovative projects, spearheading continuous improvement initiatives to streamline efficiencies, and consistently achieve company KPI targets in highly competitive markets and sectors.”

“I believe in more than just telling a powerful story about business, the story needs to provoke a reaction; a response that can be measured and clients that benefit fully from the result first time, every time.”

“The other part of my job I really enjoy is working with people, in particular seeing how staff grow, develop, and take pride in their work.”


What are your interests outside of work?

“I really enjoy making things, using my creative and practical skills – building furniture, for example. I’m always keen to have a go and will turn my hand to almost anything.”